Hey! My name is Drew Tetz, and I’m a Graphic Designer. I love learning new things, making cool stuff, and working with good people. My résumé is here.

Most of my time in the professional world has been spent working with humanitarian groups, which is both humbling and incredibly rewarding. In addition to the standard pixel wranglin’ you expect as a Graphic Designer, working for a media production company has given me experience as a video editor, photographer, and writer.

I also have a strong fondness for toys due to an ongoing stint as a professional yoyoer. As you might imagine, this frequently crosses over with my love of design, and every opportunity to illustrate, design, or build a toy is a joy, to the extent that I started my own small lasercut toy company called 44RPM. I believe that any intersection of work and play is a good one.

It’s nice to meet you! If you wanna tell me somethin’ ’bout somethin’, you can shoot me an e-mail here.

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