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This is my first EP, representing my first year with a drum machine. Atmospheric beats for long drives & short naps.

You can also buy it (or download it for free!) on Bandcamp if you like it.

The cover I designed makes use of 13 different bird paintings by Melissa Huang. Additionally, two of the songs (“Pomegranate” & “Phil’s Golden Arms”) were written as soundtracks to her animations.


A chapbook of poems I wrote about the moon, but also about things that aren’t the moon. You can download a PDF of it here.

It’s actually intended to be a physical zine that you can print from a single sheet of paper. I left it open rather than folding the pages over, so you get a freestanding carousel that goes in cycles. You can print that out for yourself here. (slit the top of the middle pages and fold across all the lines so you can accordion it out.)


Logomark for the Georgia State Yo-Yo Contest.


2007 t-shirt design for Save Deth.





Logo design for the Echo by Duncan Toys, 2011.


Graffiti-style ambigram that I animated for a yo-yo battle.


Type treatment and ephemera for a good team of friends, 2007-2010. More after the jump.
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