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Hyper GoGo Force

The Hyper GoGo Force are a super sentai dream team; five brave paper warriors, protecting your desktop from outer space menaces. Their true power is achieved when they join forces and link their bodies together to create UltraGoGoBot, a towering robot capable of taking on the fiercest monsters. Let’s meet the team.

Mason (RED) is the undisputed captain and core of the GoGo Force… also, when they power up, his body becomes the literal head & core of UltraGoGoBot. His strangely-shaped body belies his keen sense of leadership, and he never fails to rally the Force towards victory. You can print Mason here. 

Lulu (PINK) is a rebel grrl sweetheart whose blaster barrel is sometimes mistaken for a purse handle. Big mistake! She may be cute, but when she turns into the left hand weapon on UltraGoGoBot, bad guys start running. You can print Lulu here.

Cesar (GREEN) has got a bit of an attitude, but he has the skill and style to back it up, so whatever I guess. He’s the team’s right hand man and has been Lulu’s best friend since the age of two. You can print Cesar here.

Strong, silent and stoic, Victor (BLUE) tends to keep to himself, but is invaluable by your side in and out of a fight. He also turns into UltraGoGoBot’s right foot, truly an invaluable appendage. You can print Victor here. 

Frankie (YELLOW) is the spunky wisecracker of the bunch, and a great role model for queer sentai youth. The only thing quicker than her left roundhouse is her snappy comebacks. You can print Frankie here. 

Once you’ve made all of the members of the team (click here to learn how to build Paper Friends), it’s pretty easy to combine them for UltraGoGoBot. Mason is the core, and the tabs on his feet plug into Victor and Frankie right above their belt buckles to form the legs. Lulu and Cesar are the arms, and they each have tabs that slide into slits right above Mason’s arms. Once you get everybody stuck together, you’re ready to go crush some monsters!

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